About Us

Down To Earth

Our success has been built upon loyal customers and word of mouth and this has always been our goal.

We believe that through sustainable gardening and good husbandry we can enhance and future proof any green space for our customers and for generations to come. We have a really great team of experienced horticulturists working with us, bringing a varied background of experience with them.

Through continual development, participation and training we are able to create a unique atmosphere where employee engagement is critical to the delivery of customer satisfaction.

We also have the benefit of working with a network of other land based professionals that comes as a result of 20 years experience in the industry.

Gerry Condron



The founder of the company, Gerry, is the passion and driving force behind Down to Earth and all it stands for.

His love for horticulture started at Grange Hill estates in Ayrshire, from there he studied a Diploma in Horticulture at the Scottish Agricultural College, Auchincruive, before moving east to work and continue to hone his skills at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh. Whilst working here Down to Earth was formed.

The company has since evolved and is very much still evolving. Gerry has studied a Masters in Horticulture at RHS Wisley and this has brought a whole new exciting dimension to the company. Sustainability, grow your own and educating children in the importance of gardening are the hot topics for us right now.

Kerry Condron

Kerry joined Down to Earth in 2008 and very much keeps everything running smoothly from the HQ!

Kerry recently completed an Introduction to Garden Design course at Hampton Court and very much enjoys getting involved in the creative side of things when she can.


Stan the man is the third cog in the Down to Earth wheel, keeping everyone in check and charming customers as he goes. He likes nothing better than hunkering down in a quiet sunny spot and keeping an eye on proceedings.